Here’s a selection of cookbooks that I’ve written, edited, or otherwise contributed in the past dozen or so years:


Gourmet Game Night; Ten Speed Press; 2010

Salmon; Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company; 2005

Wild Mushrooms; Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company; 2004

The Best Places Northwest Desserts Cookbook; Sasquatch Books; 2004

Stone Fruit; Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company; 2003

Northwest Best Places Cookbook, Volume 2; Sasquatch Books; 2003

Crab; Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company; 2002


Memorable Recipes: To Share with Family and Friends (with Renée Behnke); Andrews McMeel, 2009

Rover’s: Recipes from Seattle’s Chef in the Hat (with Thierry Rautureau); Ten Speed Press, 2005

Savoring America: Recipes and Reflections on American Cooking (with numerous authors) Williams-Sonoma; 2003

Best Places Seattle Cookbook (with Kathy Casey); Sasquatch Books, 2001

Northern California Best Places Cookbook (with Carolyn Dille) Sasquatch Books; 1999

Culinaria: The United States (with numerous authors) Könemann; 1998

The Northwest Best Places Cookbook (with Lori McKean) Sasquatch Books; 1996

North American Editor

Martin Yan’s Invitation to Chinese Cooking; Bay Books; 2000

Bread, Tomato, Garlic: Quick Cooking With 3 Main Ingredients; Soma Books; 1999

Noodle; Soma Books; 1999

The Herb and Spice Handbook; Soma Books; 1999

Editor/Technical Editor

Celebrate The Rain: Cooking With The Fresh And Abundant Flavors Of The Pacific Northwest; Junior League of Seattle; FRP; 2004

Cooking For Dummies, Second Edition; IDG Books, 2000

Seafood Cooking for Dummies; IDG Books; 1999

Pasta and Co. Encore; Sasquatch Books; 1997

Baked Alaska: Sweet Comforts of the North Country; Alaska Northwest Books; 1997

The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook: Great Recipes from Alaska’s Rich Kettle of Fish; Alaska Northwest Books; 1995

5 responses to “Books

  1. Hi Cythnia!
    Love your blog…so delighted to have discovered it! Can’t wait to spend some time browsing recipes!
    Friday night I am hosting a small dinner party. Would love to find some rustic italian style breadsticks for appetizers.
    Love the look of breadsticks!
    Would you happen to know of a good recipe?
    What about a bakery downtown Seattle where I might order some breadsticks?
    Thanks Cynthia!
    Teresa…Bainbridge Island

  2. Susan Bivens

    Hi Cynthia!

    My husband (Tom) and I met you at Cafe Nell last week. We had so much fun! I was in the Pearl the next day and was able to find your book there! They had three copies! So, sadly, we won’t get it signed, but I was able to use it last night for our first “Gourmet Game Night!”
    Our friends brought the main course in ramekins of course!
    And, we did apps and desserts!
    Oh my gosh SOOOO GOOOD! Our friends are huge fans now too!

    I made a few modifications…
    Pretzels with 3 mustards (so coool and so yum!)
    Spicy meatballs with cucumber yogurt dip (I used ground chicken thigh meat instead and it was awesome!)
    Sage popcorn (huge hit)
    Galettes with nutella and banana (delicious and amazing!)
    Since it was my first time, my timing was a bit off, took a little longer than I thought, but it was fun to have our friends help us a little with the finishing touches, like boiling the pretzels or test tasting the cookies 🙂
    We are members of a wine club as are our friends, so we did a wine off as our beverage of choice. It worked really well too.
    Oh! And, the game of course. We played Sequence and lo and behold I was really good at it with a 4-1 score with my team!!!
    We are going to get Apples to Apples soon. Thank you for introducing us to it.
    We just wanted to say thank you so much! We are going to be making “Gourmet Game Night” a regular part of our entertaining and we are so very excited, especially since it’s now winter and dark all the time 😉

    Thank you thank you!

    Susan and Tom

    • Susan, I’m just wildly impressed with the way you dove into Gourmet Game Night!! It was so great to meet you and Tom at Cafe Nell, thanks so much for joining us that evening. I hope you have lots of fun and tasty game nights to come. You’re right, it’s exactly the answer to these long cold dark nights of winter. Cheers.

  3. Charlene Irwin

    Hello Cynthia:
    My husband and I have been frequenting the Seattle Restaurant events over the past couple of years. Recently, The Purple Cafe and Wine bar as well as Rays Boathouse. My neighbor shared a copy of the Celebrated Chefs – Volume 2 and I would like to know where I can purchase a copy.

    It is wonderful and would be treasured for years.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

    Charlene Irwin

    • Hello Charlene! I’m glad you like the book, it’s a great way to support a local charity while enjoying these great restaurants we have in town. You can find out more about the program and request a copy of the book here on their web site. It’s not a “traditional” cookbook to purchase but is given to folks who sign up to participate in the program.


      Cynthia Nims

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