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Today’s soundtrack: silence

I know, I know. That doesn’t sound at all earth-shattering. But around here it’s rather novel. I’ve got one of those busy-body brains that doesn’t do too well in pure quiet. There’s most always something playing in the background to keep me humming along through the day.

This morning began with the usual breakfast-time dose of Morning Edition on NPR. Then I loaded up the CD player with Broadway soundtracks. That, in itself, was an odd choice for workday fare. That’s more “Saturday afternoon cooking” music or, heaven forbid, housecleaning music. After making it through My Fair Lady and Sound of Music, I hit the pause button before going into a conference call late morning. And I never flipped it back into ‘play’ mode. How about that? An afternoon of me and my thoughts and the tapping of the keyboard. I didn’t go nuts, didn’t crawl out of my skin, didn’t start singing to myself. Who knew?

I’m sure I’ll load up the CD player again tomorrow. But maybe I’ll just kick the habit now and then. Perhaps there’s more to quiet than I’ve been giving it credit.

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