Ultimate Peach Milkshake

While driving through McMinnville, Oregon earlier this week, a sweltering 100+ temp day, my friend pulled into a local drive-in to get a milkshake. He opted for fresh peach, his son picked raspberry, while I tried to be good and forgo the indulgence. Even when the cheery guy on the other side of the drive-in window asked if we wanted a “courtesy cone” to nibble on while we waited for the shakes to be made. Inside, I was leaping up and down, raising my hand, and saying “yes, me please, I’d love a courtesy cone!!” Outside, I politely smiled and said “no, thank you.” Now I’m seriously regretting the decision.

Being good often backfires. At least for me it sometimes does. Case in point, I haven’t been able to get that peach milkshake off my mind and went to thepeach1 store yesterday to buy the fixings to make my own. And of course am now armed with the ingredients to make a few more on a whim. Oh well, I guess there are worse things to be grousing about than possibly giving in to milkshake temptation a couple more times in the coming days.

Though a milkshake’s simple enough to make without a recipe–a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream, a handful of fruit or good dose of other flavoring (chocolate syrup, peanut butter, espresso), a little milk to thin as needed–I dug up the peach milkshake recipe I’d come up with for my Stone Fruit cookbook. Had just enough energy despite the heat to whip this puppy up yesterday, and it did hit the spot. And surely will again over the weekend. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Peach Milkshake (from Stone Fruit)

This milkshake ends up tasting something like a creamsicle with a fresh peach twist. I like the blend of peach nectar and fresh peach, which makes for a little more layering of flavors. Though a great snack as is on a hot summer afternoon, it could also be dressed up for a fun, casual dessert with friends–perhaps spiked with brandy or bourbon–and served with cookies alongside.


peach21 ripe peach

1 1/2 cups top-quality vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup peach nectar

1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

Pit and slice the peach, setting aside 2 thin slices for garnish. Put the remaining peach slices in a blender with the ice cream, peach nectar and orange juice and blend until very smooth. If the shake is quite thick, add a few tablespoons more peach nectar or orange juice.

Pour the peach milkshake into two tall glasses, garnish each with a peach slice, and serve right away.

Makes 2 servings

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One response to “Ultimate Peach Milkshake

  1. Barbara Dean

    Just made your peach milkshake and it was very good and I will make it again. First I had to go to the grocery at 10:30 but well worth the trip. Not going to think about the calories even if it was made with low sugar ice cream. The OJ and peach nectar do make a diference. Much more flavor. Added a bit more ice cream but I may have had more peaches than what you said. How did you think to add the nectar and oj? Are you a pro chef? Do you have other great recipes out there for viewing? Keep cooking. B Dean in Boca Raton but we lived in GA for years so know a bit about peaches. Today at the mall we shared a peach shake from Chick Filet. WE will not eat sugar tomorrow since we oded today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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