Make a Wish

Everyone at my Thanksgiving table this year is going to have their own wishbone to break. No, I’m not cooking up 8 turkeys just so everyone gets a wishbone. I love my family, but not quite that much. I’m looking forward to the spice-brined and grilled Cornish game hens I’ll be cooking, but their little wishbones leave a lot to be desired. And if I’d been thinking back in February when I was developing the turkey recipes in this month’s Cooking Light magazine, I would have saved all those wishbones and we’d have enough! But I didn’t have that much foresight.

Instead, each place setting will have one of these Lucky Break Wishbones, wishboneswhich I picked up at my local grocery store. This is one of those simple, brilliant ideas that I’m surprised took this long to see on the market. The founder, Seattleite Ken Ahroni, has (like me) a birthday that every six years or so falls on Thanksgiving. On one of those birthday-Thanksgiving Days about a decade ago, he realized how seldom he’d actually gotten his hands on the year’s single wishbone. His wish was for every dinner guest–young and old, meat-eaters and vegetarians–to have the opportunity to make their own wish every year at Thanksgiving. And so this realistic-looking but fully synthetic (and recyclable!) wishbone was born. No more sibling rivalry. No worry about nontraditional meals of grilled salmon or lamb shanks. And if your first break isn’t so lucky, grab another wishbone and try again! Thought the package makes clear, with a disclaimer, that they make no guarantee that wishes will come true. That part’s up to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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