Out for Dinner: Via Tribunali

Open this week in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle: the third in the city’s mini-empire of outstanding Neapolitan pizzerias brought to us by Via Tribunali. This new outlet lands in a turn-around neighborhood that was a historic hub of Seattle a century ago. (Georgetown Brewing Company down the street, brewers of beloved Manny’s Pale Ale among others, is housed in the original malt house of the first brewers of Rainier Beer.) It became something of a forgotten fringe neighborhood framed by I-5, train tracks, Boeing Field and other industry over the decades. Today it’s enjoying a

A sign of new times in Columbia City

A sign of new times in Georgetown

renaissance with special emphasis on youthful, artistic, creative, innovative types. The other new spot in the neighborhood that’s the talk of town is The Corson Building, a unique dining experience from the deliciously creative mind of Matt Dillon, chef of Sitka & Spruce where I had a magnificent dinner with a bunch of friends last week. Have yet to check out the Corson, but it’s on the list!

The opening night festivities on Tuesday were a mad crush, but how could it be otherwise? This town is clearly hungry for more of what Via Tribunali has been serving at their first Capitol Hill and newer Queen Anne locations. I’m a card-carrying fan of VT and of Neapolitan pizza in general (check out this past issue of my newsletter for

The pizza oven was working hard tonight

The pizza oven was working hard tonight

my piece about my trip to the namesake Via Tribunali last year, a street with serious pizza history!). On tap to help celebrate the opening were Armandino and Marilyn Batali (of Salumi fame), as well as Scott and Heather Staples (Zoe and Quinn’s). Had a glass or two of Manny’s and managed to snag one delicious slice of mushroom pizza, then off to allow our few square feet of real estate to other patrons waiting outside.


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