I Scream, You Scream

Maria CoassinOk, it wasn’t really ice cream. It was amazing, rich, dense, creamy gelato that drew me downtown one early evening last week.

My friend Maria Coassin, who opened Gelatiamo in 1996 (my how the time flies!) was celebrating a recent remodel of her small, bright space at the bustling corner of Third and Union in Seattle. As a special guest for the festivities, her mentor in the art and craft of making gelato–Pino Scaringella–came from Italy to join Maria in the celebration.

gelato case

Her gelato case was a thing of beauty, as artful and jewel-like as any case we saw in Italy on our trip last year. I was trying desparately to not ruin my dinner later that evening at Dahlia Louge, but couldn’t resist sampling a few gelatos as an appetizer. I nibbled a couple longstanding favorites, coconut and frutti di bosco(mixed berry). But I also couldn’t resist trying the two flavors made exclusively for the celebration: gorgonzola and the limey-refreshing caipirinha.

pino scaringella

I loved the gorgonzola gelato enough to eat it unadorned. But Maestro Scaringella sauteed some pears as its accompaniment, which would make for a killer dessert to serve at a dinner party. In my case, it had to suffice as an amuse bouche before sprinting up the street for dinner.

Get yourself downtown for a taste of Maria’s amazing gelato creations, if you haven’t yet indulged yourself in that delicious artisan product. Or here’s a hint: next time you order a pizza from Pagliacci, add a pint of Gelatiamo gelato to your order. No more decadent way to cap off your AGOG primo than with a pint of primo ciaccolato!


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